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Do's and Don'ts of Household Garbage Disposals

Do's and Don'ts of Household Garbage Disposals

  • DON’T use hot water when grinding food waste. However, hot water can be drained into disposer between grinding periods.
  • DON’T turn off motor or water until grinding is completed and only a motor and water sound is heard.
  • DON’T grind extremely fibrous material like cornhusks, artichokes, etc. to avoid possible drain blockage.
  • DON’T grind hard materials such as bones, fruit pits, etc…
  • DON’T dispose of coffee grounds in your disposal. They are bad for the disposal and a septic system.
  • DON’T dispose of fats or greases in your disposal.
  • DO grind food waste only with a strong flow of cold water.
  • DO grind citrus rinds.
  • DO grind a tray of ice cubes occasionally. This helps clean the disposer and won’t plug the drain.
  • DO use BioClean in your disposal once a month to keep it clean and clear.
  • DO call Arndt & Son Plumbing with all your disposal needs.

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