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Cross Connection Control Testing in Madison

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If your water system is set up so that there is a connection between drinking water (potable water) and wastewater, it is critical to perform cross connection testing to ensure that there are no contamination issues. Our Madison cross connection control testing specialists at Arndt & Son Plumbing are able to identify areas where cross connection testing is required, and then make sure that it is completed correctly and accurately.

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What Is a Cross Connection?

A cross connection is when the water supply system and a contaminant source intersect or potentially reach each other.

Common examples of where a cross-connection hazard can occur include:

  • Garden hoses
  • Utility sinks
  • Boilers
  • Toilets
  • Irrigation systems
  • Dialysis equipment

Under certain circumstances, a cross connection can allow the backflow of undesirable or toxic substances into your drinking water or the municipal water supply. This unwanted reversal of normal flow in the drinking water system may occur during system maintenance or repairs when water pressure is lower than normal. Although infrequent, backflow incidents usually occur when conditions known as backsiphonage exist within the water supply system.

Hose Connections

The most common household cross connection is the hose connection (garden hose or utility sink). Hoses are extensions of your home’s water system. To ensure that no harmful materials are drawn back into a hose, a vacuum breaker should be installed on each hose connection.

Newer homes often have vacuum breakers incorporated into the building’s plumbing. In many cases, no additional protection is required. Our Madison cross connection testing technicians can help you determine if your water system has adequate backflow prevention mechanisms in place. If not, we will recommend the right backflow preventer device to keep the water supply for your home or office clean and healthy. Our plumbing team also provides proper installation, ongoing maintenance, and several plumbing services so you won't have to worry about any cross connection hazards.

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