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Madison Water Treatment Systems

Keeping Your Water Supply Fresh & Clean

A pipe fracture or blockage can provide an unwelcome opportunity for your water supply to become contaminated. Unfortunately, many property owners don’t realize that their water supply has been compromised until the problem has become severe. Even a small amount of contamination can cause all sorts of issues, so it’s vital to make sure your water system is intact.

Arndt & Son Plumbing is an approved provider of backflow testing and certification. This means we can check your water system to ensure your drinking water isn’t being contaminated by wastewater or contaminants from another source. If you want to be sure your drinking water is of acceptable quality, we can give you the information you need.

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When to Get Your Water Tested?

Obviously, if you notice that your water is discolored or has a foul taste, appropriate testing is vital. However, there are several other circumstances when it may be wise to get your water tested as a precautionary measure.

Some of the occasions when testing could be beneficial are detailed below:

  • Just after moving into a new property
  • Following a period of bad weather (pipes may fracture or shift)
  • Following landscaping or renovation work (pipes may be compromised)
  • After having some type of plumbing work completed

If you do find that there is a problem with your water supply, we offer a number of proven solutions. If initial repairs don’t produce the solution you’re looking for, you may wish to install a water filtration or softener system.

Water Filtration Options

Using a variety of different technologies, water filtration removes large amounts of retained particles and can even be used to prevent bacteria from multiplying! We offer a range of water filtration solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your home. In addition to skilled installation, we also offer ongoing maintenance and repair if required.

The main types of water filtration we offer are:

  • Reverse osmosis (RO) options
  • Water filtration that uses UV light to reduce bacteria replication
  • Carbon filters that can remove a wide selection of contaminants

Water Softener Installation & Repair

We have decades of experience when it comes to water softeners. Our team installs Hellenbrand Pro Series models, providing a customized solution to your water softening requirements. Why not get in touch to discuss what you need in more detail?

Benefits of Installing Water Treatment Systems

Although untreated water from an approved source is normally safe to drink, water treatment systems can greatly improve your water’s taste and appearance.

Some of the advantages our customers experience after having a filtration or softener system fitted in their homes include:

  • Reduced calciferous build-up in their pipework and white goods
  • Better flavor and enhanced clarity of the water
  • Less wear and tear on appliances that use water
  • Peace of mind that their family is enjoying high-grade, purer water

Our aim is to always offer competitively priced water treatment solutions that are right for your individual circumstances.

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